A Triumph Software product

Revolutionizing Professional Development

Loggit is changing the way schools across the country are logging their professional development hours by providing an affordable software package to solve the problem of clutter and confusion in the workplace.

Eliminating the need for paper increases productivity and decreases headaches. Loggit is a powerful tool, absolutely essential for any school district.


Total Users


Activities Logged


Hours of Professional Development

Mobile-Friendly Interface

The entire platform has been carefully engineered to enable an immersive mobile experience. The variety of interfaces housed within Loggit have been programmed to scale and adjust with the screen size of the user’s device, enhancing the experience across all devices.

Around the Clock Communication

All faculty members are able to interact with Loggit on any device at any time of day, allowing for complete, uninterrupted communication between administration and faculty. While not only convenient, this feature also reduces the number of meetings to focus on what really matters: you.

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